Good ownership
is good for everyone

Good ownership is good for business. Good for everyone. Vestey Holdings is a fourth-generation family business, involved primarily in the global food industry. We are building upon the legacy of previous generations, and, today, we aspire to develop people, businesses and communities. Our purpose is to be exemplary owners of these enterprises so that they can flourish for decades to come.

Shared responsibility

Our business is a partnership between the family and colleagues, with everyone fairly rewarded for their contribution to our collective success. We benefit greatly from the talent, skills and commitment of our colleagues. In return, the family provides a stable, empowering work environment. Our shared values, combined with the freedom and autonomy we afford colleagues, enables them to be more involved in the business, and in doing so, to flourish.

Pioneering spirit

We continue the entrepreneurial, resilient and pioneering spirit of the generations that came before us. We are always evolving in the light of new trends and changing consumer behaviour. We strive to build and improve our business for future generations by empowering colleagues and welcoming their ideas at all levels. A deep-rooted trust in our people, and a commitment to continuous improvement, means that we set the direction but give them the freedom to take ownership, innovate and develop their businesses.

Sustainable actions

We aim to secure a sustainable business through long-term thinking and careful succession planning. A profitable business is an essential pre-requisite, as, without profit, we are neither sustainable nor able to do good. But we stand for a greater sense of purpose than profit alone as we have a responsibility – both collectively and individually in the business – to enhance our local communities by making them a better place to live and work now and in the future. That’s good for business and good for everyone.