future generations

We’re a fourth generation, family-owned business, our origins stretching back to the 1890s. Today we primarily invest in food companies operating in various segments of the industry. As custodians of these companies, we’re not about the short term – our core aim is to build and improve them for future generations by empowering colleagues in their roles.

Our model is based on a flat decentralised structure in which Vestey Holdings establishes the strategic direction for the Group, safeguarding its culture and acting as the link between the family and the companies. Managers of the companies are trusted to make the right decision and to get on with delivering the strategy for their business.

The result is an ownership model which forges bonds between colleagues and the family and is strengthened by shared values and ethos. Both family and colleagues share a common view of how we conduct business and what motivates us to improve.

Our ethos is to empower people

We are a dedicated family and take pride in what we do. We build on the legacy of our family’s success, always seeking to add value. We strive harder to realise tomorrow’s opportunities and gain rewards for our own colleagues and partners.

We value long term partnerships with our customers and suppliers. Internally, working in partnership means having a deep-rooted trust in our colleagues. We set the direction but give them the freedom to take initiatives and develop the business. It’s simple philosophy: hire the best, empower them with responsibility and let them get on with it.

We are determinedly a people business, and we stand or fall by their capabilities and performance. We have a huge responsibility towards the vast diversity of colleagues who work for us, and we invest in their training and personal development, supporting them to achieve their best.

Our commitment to our values makes us who we are

To continue to thrive as a business, we must look ahead. Our shared values guide our actions and help to shape our future.

Honesty: We are true to ourselves and our stakeholders. We honour our commitments. We are down to earth.

Integrity: We behave ethically. We take accountability for our actions. We are fair.

Unity: We operate as one large family. The sum is greater than the parts. We are supportive and respectful of each other.

Working with our communities to give everyone a chance

As a family business we believe that everyone who works with us should be given the opportunity to grow and reach their full potential. This extends beyond our own colleagues and into the communities in which they live.

Strong communities foster a greater sense of belonging and a collective desire to help those less fortunate.

Our focus is on the next generation, who represent the future of these communities. Our aim is to inspire wherever possible. We do this by directing 1% of annual profits towards helping the next generation realise their potential. We also encourage our colleagues to be a force for good in their own community through an annual Giveback Day.